Remove the plan to fine homeless people in the area £100

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High Wycombe District Council have decided to make being homeless a greater struggle, by fining the most vulnerable £100 if they are found to be rough sleeping.

The changes – which will need to be agreed by the full council – include powers to fine anyone contravening a Public Spaces Protection Order which can be applied to public spaces. If an area has an order placed on it, activities such as cycling and skateboarding can attract a £100 fine, which is lowered to £60 if paid within ten days. Homeless people may be put into the situation they are in without their control. By taxing them further, those who are in the lowest socio-economic group who do not even have money for shelter, is going to worsen the problem rather than 'clean up the streets'.

They need our support. This can work. The same thing happened in Oxford and Hackney with the petitions creating pressure which stopped the fines from going ahead. With your support, we can make the same impact in Wycombe and get the council to reconsider their plans and actually aid the homeless rather than impoverish them further.

Currently, only one Christian collective of churches are helping by proving the Wycombe homeless shelter, which is already inundated. If this is to go into place, the council should at least provide better care for the homeless in the area, whether by hostel, shelter, or support groups. Please reconsider the plan to fine homeless people £100 for their inability to find shelter. This plan will only worsen the problem. The solution is to provide better aid, not to punish those who cannot control their situation in many cases. 

I hope you are as passionate as me about this. As someone in a position of privilege, all I wish to do is aid those who do not have a voice. I have worked with local charities in High Wycombe since the age of 11, and this is close to my heart after seeing so many people affected. Please help me to prevent this atrocious plan from going ahead.  Thank you. 

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