Bioweapon Truth Commission (BWTC) Coronavirus Truth Tribunal Statement and Petition

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The novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 ravages the global human population and dominates world consciousness. Since January 2020 worldwide attention has been riveted. All are impacted, the world shelters in place.

What is the origin of this novel coronavirus? Two scientific theories have been proposed to explain its sudden appearance.

Camp A argues novel coronavirus has evolved by naturally occurring random genetic mutation (Darwinian evolution).

Camp B argues novel coronavirus has been created through genetic engineering in a bio-weapon laboratory.

These two theses are mutually exclusive.

The Bioweapon Truth Commission (BWTC – demands that an international tribunal must be formed to investigate the origins of this disease.

1. This commission shall be comprised of a scientific body to examine the physical evidence collected from any nation of the world to determine the virus’ origin.

2. The commission shall include an international criminal investigation to determine acts of negligence or criminal conduct in the disease outbreak.

3. The commission shall include an international judicial court to determine culpability, to assign penalties and sanctions, and to award compensation.