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SnapChat stop torturing my children...

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Snapchat has a place in all our lives now, but it is making my children desperately unhappy... when they just sent photos with fun filters on it was OK. When you added stories it was still OK... but now there are streaks, they have become a highly inaccurate friendship measuring tool. And a very dangerous obsession. Streaks have become mini relationships in kids eyes with all the ups and downs, and to lose one is like losing a friend.

You can say it is a reflection of my parenting skills that I don't watch closely enough what my kids are upto online but honestly, who knew streaks could have such a massive impact on a 14 year old. I have told my daughter she should stop her streaks and she is literally going through 70 relationship break ups!

Please; being a parent is a tough enough job with out the kids having a daily need to keep a streak going, they are private things and they add nothing to the app which it didn't have before they arrived so I am asking you please remove them. They are dangerously addictive and are stealing our children from us.

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