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To prevent other animals from suffering and dying like my dog.

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K9dergarden was recommended to me as a reliable facility by another pet sitting service, because they realized they were completely booked for the holidays. I called, explained the situation and stated the fact that my dog is very old, she needs special attention, she isn’t able to get up without the help, but once she is up she can walk. She needs to walk constantly so the joins don’t get too stiff. I was told that the staff of K9dergarden equipped to take care of the elderly dogs.

Wednesday November 21 at around 1 p.m.  I brought Bella in for an evaluation.  The staff member took her by the leash and walked with her inside. He came back in about 10 min and said she was approved. I brought her back that evening at 7-7.30p.m. In the bag I brought her food, some toys, and chews for her arthritis. I left the safety harness (that I used to help her to walk down the stairs) in the car, but the staff member told me it was not necessary, they could manage without it.

When I was filling out the papers Bella was wondering around, sniffing the products displayed on the shelves, I had to follow her to prevent extending leash from wrapping around displays. Then she walked behind the counter and laid down for some rest. The staff took her in assuring me that she won’t be staying with the rest of the dogs because of her fragile stage, and that she will be in the separate room constantly surrounded by caring people.  I left feeling reassured that my dog in in good and loving hands.

Saturday November 24 at 1.31 p.m. I called to check on Bella. They put me on brief hold and then told me that she was doing great, eating, drinking, going to the bathroom.

Sunday November 25-th I received a phone call from the manager, I believe her name was Vanessa. She told me Bella was not doing so well, that she can’t get up. I told her that I was aware of this problem, that how Bella was when I brought her in. She kept telling me that Bella is very fragile that I should have the heads up.  We spoke for about 2 min. Then I called her back at 3.43 p.m. to make sure they had contact information of my Vet (Ambassador), she said yes.  Also that they have vet 3 blocks away from the K9dergarden.

I flew back to NY monday November 26-th and called at 1.29 p.m. to let them know I am coming around 7.30 to pick Bella up. After I got back from work (in Manhattan) I realized my car’s battery has died and I was waiting for it to be re-charged. At 6.47 I called to reassure that I am definitely coming but having issues with my car. They said no problem, they are open till 8 p.m.

When I arrived they charged my credit card for her stay and I asked if I should go inside to get Bella. They said yes and led me downstairs. Bella was lying facing the wall covered by a blanked and appeared to be sleeping. She woke up and recognized me but seemed to be draggy. I lifted the blanked and to my horror saw terrible bed sores on the shoulder, elbow and hip.  Her whole side and the blanket underneath felt dump to the touch, when I asked why was she wet- the girl told me she was treating the wounds with Hydrogen Peroxide and trying to get her water using cotton ball. Bella looked lethargic and vey dehydrated, I tried to give her some water but she could not even open her mouth. I tried to lift her, usually she would stand up, but this time she was unable to. I carried her in my arms to the car and called my vet. He was still in the office and told me to bring Bella in. After he looked at her he told me he could not help her at this point, she needs IV fluids ASAP. He gave me the phone number and address of Oradell hospital in Paramus. I drove Bella there right away. When I brought her in my arms in emergency room I was crying hysterically, they put her on the rolling bed and took her inside so the doctor could examine her. After some time I was called in the room and met the doctor. She told me that Bella needs to be put in the intensive care unit overnight, that she needs IV, antibiotics and pain killers. She assured me that she will do her best to make Bella feel comfortable and I should expect the call next morning from the doctor who would be doing the checkup.  She suggested I made arrangements with my vet, that Bella would not last long and it would be humane to give her an injection within next couple of days.

Tuesday  November 27-th at about 9.30 a.m. doctor called and said that Bella could be picked up. I asked how much longer she will last, if she could stay with me for few more days. The doctor said she only had few hours left. I picked her up at noon, she was responsive and recognized me, but still appeared lethargic. Her wounds were cleaned out and the fur surrounded them shaved, I realized her wounds covered much larger areas. I brought her home where she stayed with me until 7 p.m. then I brought her to Ambassador Clinic and after saying good bye to her, doctor gave her sedatives, and then the medicine that stopped her heart and lungs from working. Bella was gone. Doctor told me she will stay in the freezer till Monday and I will get her ashes next Monday. She is back home with me now in a small woden box. 

P.S. When I brought her in, she was fragile, but she was able to walk, drink and eat. She did not have a scratch on her body.  When I picked her up 5 days later, she was not able to do any of above and her whole left side was covered in bedsores. Both my vet and the doctor in the hospital told me these kinds of bed sores could not appear in one day. That she was not taken care of properly. K9dergarden did not take her to the vet even though I made sure they had his information. And now they are implying that I would not authorize medical care for Bella which is not true. 

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