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Stop stereotyping the Pit Bull breed. Stop trying to KILL our pets!

This lady running is trying to kill every Pit Bull in existence. These dogs are family members; these dogs are thousands of children's best friend; these dogs ARE a lot of our children. We need to stop this lady from killing these innocent animals. Not only is she stereotyping the breed, she is stereotyping us Pit Bull owners as bad people and criminals.

Although these are fantastic dogs, there are bad people out there choosing to use this breed for bad things. They choose this breed because they are very smart, and will do anything to make you happy. If you are a responsible dog owner, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. If a Pit Bull is never trained to be a fighting dog, or trained to be a guard dog, they wont be. We need to have this lady focus her time on stopping the BAD PEOPLE, not killing the breed.

This lady uses very few facts about the breed. She takes incidents that occur (only with pit bulls) and advertises  the heck out of them, so poeple only *see* that pit bulls are attacking.

Here is a good article with actual FACTS about dog bite related fatalities in 2011.

We understand that the site was created to report dog bites, and that is great! But ALL dog bites should be reported! She has a special section just to degrade pit bulls and pit bull owners. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when she is trying to pass laws such as BSL, she should not be allowed to use opinions/assumptions. 

We are asking for her to take down the discriminating part of her website, and stop focusing on pit bulls. Yes, she should report pit bull attacks, but also report every other dog attack. We also ask for her to use more facts in her write ups - - such as the dogs background (88% of dog attacks in 2011 came from dogs who where abused or neglected).

Due to the lack of factual content this site provides, it should not be used in consideration for passing BSL laws. 

What this site is doing is a hate crime. Anything posted on their Facebook page, website blog, Twitter etc. that has anything to do with a nice pit bull or statistics showing other dog breeds biting is instantly removed, and whoever posted it is blocked from ever posting again! So that shows that their number one goal is to make these dogs look as bad as they can, with little facts that are coated with lies and assumptions to make it look like the worst case scenario. 

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