County Connection: Please Add Morning Buses for Monte Vista High School in Danville, CA!!!

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PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO ADD TWO MORNING COUNTY CONNECTION PUBLIC BUSES, WHICH ARE GREATLY NEEDED FOR MONTE VISTA HIGH SCHOOL (MVHS) STUDENTS WHO LIVE IN INCORPORATED AND UNINCORPORATED DANVILLE/BLACKHAWK!!! (The two buses would be for both the "0" period start time at 7:29 AM and the first period start time at 8:30 am.) County Connection, we petition you to please add these buses to your schedule starting in the 2017-18 school year!


Background: The San Ramon Valley Unified School District does not provide busing. They dropped their school bus program in 2007 due to lack of funding. Only special needs students receive District busing now. Apparently, with state budget cuts in education, there simply wasn't funding available for the high cost of transportation and that money has been diverted to the classroom.*

TRAFFIX: Currently, private TRAFFIX* buses provide some discounted daily bus transportation to MVHS students, but only for students starting school for the first period start time, 8:29 am, but not for students starting for the "0" period start time, 7:30 am, on "Regular Schedule". Those that cannot use TRAFFIX buses, because they sell out so fast or because the student is attending "0" period earlier, have to rely on their parents or other modes of transportation, like carpools, to drive them. Many students who take "0" period buy a TRAFFIX pass, but only use it to get home and the ride TO school on TRAFFIX is wasted.

Public Bus Brings Students Home: Currently, there IS a bus that returns students from MVHS on the County Connection Bus, Bus #623, picking up in front of MVHS at 3:20 pm, and going all the way along Camino Tassajara to the East part of Unincorporated Danville, to Alamo Creek, arriving at 3:57 pm.

Why is there only ONE AFTER SCHOOL County Connection Bus, but not one to get TO school in the mornings? High School students (9th-12th grade) from the following neighborhoods (ALL of which are included in the residential boundary map for MVHS) do NOT have an option for a County Connection bus to get TO MVHS in the mornings for the 7:30 am and 8:29 am start times: Blackhawk, Monterosso, Alamo Creek, Wendt Ranch, Meadow Wood, San Michelle Estates, Culet Ranch, California Meadows, Vista Tassajara/Tassajara Ridge, Shadowhawk, Bettencourt Ranch, and Oakgate. The commute can be up to 30-40 minutes each way, adding a lot more traffic congestion to our roads and wasting fuel. Buses to MVHS in the mornings would reduce traffic congestion and save fuel and money!!!

In Conclusion: Every year I hear about parents desperately trying to put carpools together to get their kids to MVHS in the mornings. MVHS has about 2,300 students, most of whom live all the way on the other side of the city and many of whom have two working parents. County Connection, please put a stop to this, add morning buses, help reduce traffic congestion, help the environment with a reduced carbon footprint, and help our students become more independent and less reliant on their parents and others for school transportation.

(TRAFFIX* is a traffic congestion relief program funded by Measure J, the 1/2 cent sales tax approved by Contra Costa voters in 2004. Its sole purpose is to reduce traffic congestion caused by parents driving their children to and from school through some of the San Ramon Valley's most congested intersections. Due to funding from Measure J for TRAFFIX buses, the cost is much less than a County Connection Bus.)