Have Shaw Academy Investigated for Fraud

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Shaw Academy is a scam that promises a free four-week course, but once subscribed, the four week course is actually an eight-week course and it is virtually impossible to unsubscribe, to top that, these courses they offer are not accredited.

They will then go ahead and debit your account, refuse to refund and once you manage to contact them they will simply offer further free courses and will not enter into further discussions with you.

This is the scenario that has played out with many people and I will ask them to add their experiences to this petition as I am concerned that many people will be caught in this scam during this time of confinement at home and especially people who cannot afford to pay R399 for two more months even though they did unsubscribe.

If Shaw Academy was honorable like they say, they would send notifications letting people know their four week period has come to an end and let them unsubscribe, not make it virtually impossible to unsubscribe.

I want people who has suffered the same to please sign this petition in order for me to forward to the consumer ombudsman and police fraud unit in order to have the company investigated and stopped from further scamming innocent victims.