Save MADA forests and save Life

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Dear all,
The Andhra Pradesh state government has recently taken a decision to cut down all the trees in 200 acres of Mada forest in order to construct a Housing zone. It is dangerous to environment as well as biodiversity. It is home for many animals and various species of fish.
According to the revenue records, this region belongs to Dhummala Peta region and is the second largest mangrove forest after the West Bengal. People in power are arguing that it is not even a forest as it doesn't belong the Wild Life sanctuary therefore there is no harm in cutting down the trees.
It is unfortunate and pathetic that the state government decided to destroy the forest. Though it is not part of Koringa Wild Life sanctuary it is an eco sensitive zone which gives shelter to 156 species of plants and 35 species of birds and numerous animals . They also protect the surrounding land from sinking into the sea and plays key role in the carbon cycle. According to the reports submitted by Forest department nearly 143 sq.kms of the forest had been destroyed in the last 25 years. If this scenario remains to continue in the future we may have to experience very disastrous situations during cyclone period and those houses which the government intends to build in this region will be the first to be effected.
Article 51-A(g) of our constitution says " It shall be duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life and to have compassion for living creatures" . We as Jana Vignana Vedika ( affiliated with AIPSN) has been working on the issues like these from the last 30 years. Therefore, we sincerely request the Government to stop this project immediately and to take appropriate actions to revive the damage.

 Irrespective of political ideology we should work together as it is an environmental issue.

       Please sign this petition and support us in the fight to save MADA forests in the fight to save ourselves.