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Stop bullfighting and shed light on the inhumane treatment of the bulls

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Written in coordination with Chris Ng 

As students witnessing the horrendous actions of bullfighting, we were appalled by the torment and cruelty it entails. The culture of bullfighting is simply inhumane and shameful. The bulls are slowly tortured and taunted to death by the matadors, suffering through an endless cycle of pain. This act of torture should be discontinued immediately, and we should educate those who enjoy watching bullfights to the pain of the bulls.

Imagine a room filled with smoke, suffocating you with each breath as you sit in the blistering heat, watching a cow slowly being tortured and taunted to death. The bullfight stadium is about 10 times worse than that room, with people sitting around, puffing smoke in your face and applauding the brutal death of the bull. Even before the fight, the bull is tortured by the lack of food and water, suffering through the excruciating hunger. During the fight, the bull is stabbed repeatedly and taunted by matador.

In the beginning, the bull is stabbed with multiple swords on its back. Confused and enraged, the bull charges towards the only thing attracting it's attention, the red capes. Yet the matador stabs it again with wa sword, wounding the bull further. This cruel cycle is repeated over and over again until the bull can no longer tolerate the pain, and collapses. Should this atrocious sport continue? Should we as human beings have the right to recklessly harm and torture an animal just for our pleasure?

Along with the heartless slaughter of the bull, going to bullfights can be detrimental  to your health. As mentioned before, the bullfight stadium is filled with smoke, and the puffs of smoke can be quite overwhelming and can result in health issues.

In many countries, bullfighting is a big part of culture. An example would be Spain, and many people want to experience the Spanish culture. Due to this, bullfighting is a big tourist attraction in many of these countries, attracting customers by telling them to experience the Spanish culture. If bullfighting was stopped, many people believe that taking away bullfighting would damage their cultural heritage. However, is damage to a country's cultural heritage a valid excuse for torture? I think not.

Bullfighting is a cold-blooded and sadistic sport, painfully torturing the bull to death. This atrocious practice must be stopped, and we must come together to protect animals of all kinds and their rights.

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