AUSTRALIA, let's save the dromedaries

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A massacre of over 10,000 camels and dromedaries, this is what will happen in Australia, for five days starting from January 8th, by professional snipers. This is the measure adopted to counter the incendiary catastrophe that is literally devouring the heart of central Australia; this decision is supported by data that explains how,  emitting methane, consuming water and being too much in the territory, these animals are partly responsible for what is happening. It is obvious that the causes of the climate change we are living are different and, although it may be true that animal gas emissions contribute to air pollution, most of them are from man-made farms, as well as most important causes of pollution are the consequence of human actions. In addition, 180 people were found guilty of having started these fires voluntarily or even just having thrown cigarettes. It is clear therefore, that the decision taken could contribute to contain a problem which, however, it will never solve, simply because the most important causes are other ones, that don't involve these poor animals. From tomorrow there will be a massacre of over 10,000 camels and dromedaries in Australia, and our purpose is to reach, with this petition, the competent organs of that country asking that no carnage of poor INNOCENT beings be consumed. Don't make the number of dead beings grows. Let's save Australia, let's save koalas, kangaroos, but also camels and dromedaries. They are all animals, we are all animals, we are all living beings.