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The West Virginia House of Delagates passed House Bill 4135 unanimously (with two abstaining) on January 21, 2014.  This bill establishes a West Virginia Day of Prayer on the same day as the National Day of Prayer.  The bill can be read in its entirety here.  

By the wording of the bill, it is obvious that this establishes a Judeo-Christian day of prayer.  Because of this, this bill excludes many West Virginians who are of different religions or who are not religious.  It is not okay to exclude constituents from this holiday based on their religion.  Our group promotes inclusivity, while this bill does not.

Another concern many share about this bill is that it violates the separation of church and state.  By being exclusive to all religions (and non-religious people) except Christianity, this bill effectively promotes Christianity, just one step away from establishing a state religion.

A third concern we have with House Bill 4135 is that it may affect public education.  Many teachers would take the established day of prayer to sneak religious education into their curriculum under the guise of the statewide holiday.

With these three concerns combined, it is important that we voice our opinions on this bill.  It hasn't had much media coverage at all.  Let's send a message to our state senators and let them know where we stand on House Bill 4135 by delivering this petition with as many signatures as possible.

Letter to
State Senator Mitchell Carmichael
State Senator H Truman Chafin
State Senator Jack Yost
and 31 others
State Senator Daniel Hall
State Senator Clark Barnes
State Senator Herbert Snyder
State Senator Douglas Facemire
State Senator Ronald Miller
State Senator William Laird
State Senator David Nohe
State Senator Gregory Tucker
State Senator Arthur Kirkendoll
State Senator Brooks Mccabe
State Senator Corey Palumbo
State Senate - West Virginia-006B Bill Cole
State Senate - West Virginia-014B Bob Williams
State Senator Robert Beach
State Senator Robert Plymale
State Senator Mike Hall
State Senator Ron Stollings
State Senator Evan Jenkins
State Senator Chris Walters
State Senator Samuel Cann
State Senator Larry Edgell 2
State Senator Jeffrey Kessler
State Senator Donna Boley
State Senator Roman Prezioso
State Senator David Sypolt
State Senator John Unger
State Senator Erik Wells 2
State Senator Craig Blair
State Senator Donald Cookman
State Senator Rocky Fitzsimmons
State Senate - West Virginia-009A Mike Green
Defeat House Bill 4135 (Establishes WV Day of Prayer)