Let prisoners up for parole within 12 months out now to help their families with Covid-19

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West Virginia is the state with the highest share of adults who are at risk of serious illness if infected by COVID-19. 

West Virginia has a high rate of people in prison.

There is a high number of single people, grandparents raising their grandchildren, adults taking care of their elderly parents that are being impacted by Covid-19.

I am an essential worker working 6 days a week while taking care of my 92 year old Mother and disabled 69 year old Sister.  If I get sick there is no one to take care of me and I wouldn't be able to care for my Mother and Sister.  The only person I could count on for help is in prison and not up for parole until January 2021.  Covid-19 will not wait until then and families need help NOW. 

Governor Jim Justice has done many things trying to keep Covid-19 from spreading and giving aid during this trying time.  Please help me show him how many people need the help of their incarcerated loved ones to help in this time of need.  

The Governor has the authority to grant most reprieves and pardons.

Many advocates are pushing for officials to commute some inmates’ sentences to lessen the potential number of incarcerated individuals exposed to the virus and to provide support for their families during the pandemic.  

I propose Governor Justice use his authority to release prisoners by using pardons, conditional pardons or reprieves. for inmates who are up for parole within the next 12 months and have been "model" inmates by staying out of trouble while in prison/jail.  This would accomplish the following:

1. Help for families who need their loved ones during these trying times.
2. Lessen stress of over worked prison staff.
3. Help stop the spread of the virus by making it easier to implement social distancing between inmates and prison staff thereby flatting the curve.

Many other states have been implementing similar actions due to Covid-19.

I'm sure Governor Justice would be happy to help the many West Virginia families if he could see how many people he could help by taking the above mentioned steps. Let's sign this petition and show him how many people his actions can help.

Thank you for your time.  Stay safe.