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Stop allowing animal factory farming and live export trade of farm animals

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1. Animal farming factories treat living, sentient beings as products and let them live against their nature/needs in cramped confinement where most do not see daylight.
2. Systemic horrific abuse. So much so that Big Ag wants legislation against those who expose the abuse. The world on its head. Brave people are apparently criminals whilst animal abuse is apparently the norm
3. The animals do not get fed good food but GMO laced foods, and do not get the chance to feed on what they need and normally would seek in nature.
4. This industry takes load of water, pollutes the environment in many ways (soil, air, water streams) and uses up wheat, soy and corn for animal fodder when these animals are not built for wheat, soy and corn and humans go hungry. Also stench and methane gases from these factories contribute to consideration of change of agriculture and treatment of farm animals.
5. Live export is an inhumane ordeal for farm animals, happens without food or water, some animals die, or get ill or have infections, get abused to and from the ships and tortured in slaughterhouses of which there is ample evidence both audio, video.

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