WTHS Basketball Program

WTHS Basketball Program

March 9, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Anna Daniels

Warren Township High School parents and community members are coming together to help build a positive, cohesive, productive, organized, successful, growth oriented, communicative, supportive, and student-athlete focused basketball program. 

Changes need to be made in the culture and success of our Warren Township High School Basketball program. This includes both the boys' and girls' programs. Change will not only support our athletic department; it will also positively impact our student-athletes and their physical, social/emotional, and mental well being, our district's financial situation, school spirit, and our community as a whole. 

Some suggestions are:

- We need to build community excitement around Warren basketball. We should have a social media account to highlight players, hype games, fundraise, and bring fans back to our stands!

- Summer league and camps need both clear communication with players and parents, and be well known and easy to learn more about and sign up for

- Players should be have access to strength and conditioning throughout the year

- Our program should work collaboratively with our local AAU and feeder programs

- Helping players connect with colleges and recruitment opportunities should be an integral part of our program at all levels

- Our players should be encouraged to attend college showcase tournaments

- Our student athletes need and deserve a positive environment in which to flourish, grown, and learn

- Fundraising is needed. Spirit wear would bring fun back into our stands and raise money, and the players could raise money to help buy warm ups and gear they feel comfortable in


As parents and community members we have resources and ideas to better our program, but we cannot do it alone.

Please tell anyone you know who wants the best for our district, our community, and most of all, our kids to please sign and share this petition.

For more information about why this is important, please read the attached letter.Why sign? Please read on...

Thank you.


This petition made change with 253 supporters!

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