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In 2010, the WSIB hired private consultants from KPMG to conduct an audit of its claims processes. Instead of staying within its proper scope and assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Board's work, KPMG told the WSIB to do a widespread review of its policies and legal framework in order to cut benefits to supposedly overcompensated workers. The WSIB has said it will accept KPMG's recommendations.

WSIB Management's endorsement of KPMG’S recommendations shows an utter disregard for the foundational principles of the workers’ compensation system and undermines the rights and dignity of injured workers in this Province. If KPMG's recommendations are accepted, many injured workers will suffer. Their benefits will be cut shortly after injury, and they will be refused help when they are laid off or their injuries worsen.

Join us in asking the WSIB to protect injured workers in Ontario. 


Letter to
The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board of Ontario David Marshall
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board of Ontario.

WSIB: Reject the KPMG Report

We, the undersigned, are responding to the KPMG WSIB Adjudication & Claims Administration (ACA) Program Value for Money Audit Report, released in October 2011 by the WSIB.

We are opposed to and appalled by the KPMG Report, and by WSIB Management's endorsement of its deficient recommendations.

The KPMG Report:
• strays far outside of its mandate, by opining on issues such as compensation for aggravations, recurrences, work disruptions and non-economic loss, as well as on legislative change;
• reflects the line of medical lobbyists for the insurance industry that time off work to heal is harmful;
• recommends transferring many costs of work injuries from employers onto taxpayers;
• targets older workers by suggesting that the WSIB eliminate or limit compensation for workplace injuries where workers have pre-existing conditions, aggravations and/or recurrences;
• recommends eliminating the 72-month lock in, which will leave workers on perpetual probation; and
• uses disingenuous reasoning, concluding that return to work and recovery are being improved because workers' benefits are being slashed.

We therefore demand that the WSIB publicly denounce and reject the KPMG Report.