Commutation No Parole Or Probation...

Commutation No Parole Or Probation...

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Started by Sharelda Sledge

Hello Everyone and God Bless you all

I have a loved one by the name of Undrae Pettaway in Pelicanbay State Prison that has been there for 35 years, He was charged with the crime of  murder, which he did not commit.

It was a complete and total setup and the person that testified was his ex wife who has since passed in 2018. But, before she passed she signed a notarized recantation letter and did a video stating that it was not true and she was paid forty seven hundred dollars to testify against him. This man's whole entire life has been flipped and turned upside down because of greed and no justice.

He has children, grandchildren and great grandchildren that he could not be there for. To see them grow up, missed birthdays, missed  holidays and missed milestones in all there lives, yet he has been there for them the best way he could. He was and still is a father grandfather and great grandfather to them all. He stayed connected with them through calls, letters, cards and he also makes jewelry and sends it to them and they love it.   He is such a kind caring loving person. In all my 35 years of knowing and talking to him, I have never heard sadness or bitterness in his voice. Though I'm sure it was there he never let it be known. He was always smiling in his voice.

He has since forgiven his ex wife and continues to be productive in writing letters and making phone calls to whom ever he can in order to be able to come home and be with his family. 

In all those years he has taken, completed and received certificates in every program that you could possibly think of. I don't have all the program names in front of me, but, there are quite a few. He is currently in the dog program at the facility called Prison Paws Partnership. He along with  several other men there have trained dogs and gotten them adopted.. I am so very proud of him and the others. 

Please Help us by signing this petition to bring Our loved one home. 

     In Solidarity,                                                     Sharelda Sledge 


268 have signed. Let’s get to 500!