Writers and Producers of CW Network TV show 'SUPERNATURAL': Save the Legacy of 'DEAN WINCHESTER' and Give Him A MythArc

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Anyone who knows anything about Fandoms, knows SPN Family is the best and most loyal Fandom that there ever was in television history. We are also a Fandom that loves the show with all our hearts, minds and souls. Most of us have been with Supernatural since day one. Some were late to the party but we got there in the end. We know everything about the Characters and have dabbled in enough AU stories/ fantasies by the way of Fanfiction to know that the Writers are doing a mediocre job writing one character in particular, DEAN WINCHESTER.  And, we mean this in the nicest way possible.

DEAN WINCHESTER is possibly one of the best characters ever created in television. And, Jensen Ackles' portrayal of the character is awesome, inspiring, and full of complexity. Dean Winchester is a hero, a legend for the fans. He has rarely ever been given an individual storyline/myth arc in the show. It has always been all about Sam which is unfair to Dean's character as he is as important to the mythology of the show as Sam is.  However, he is not given that importance.  Dean is much more popular as a character than any other character that has ever been part of the show. Dean fans have no problem with Sam getting storylines/ myth arcs, but we do have issues with the writers for giving all the important tasks/materials to Sam's character. Dean needs to do important things too which are individual to his shared storyline with Sam, Cas and others.  His character is more than a Protector, Big Brother and Saviour to Sam.  He has so much more to add to the story.

Especially, as of late, Dean's character is getting sidelined and turned into the redundant character.  There are so many Dean fans who want him to be the badass hunter we all fell in love with. But, other characters will be getting individual stories in Season 9 and Dean gets no story. He is just being used as a guilt-ridden, reactive sponge to Sam's life choices and Castiel's choices/mistakes. Ask any hardcore SPN fan as to which seasons were the best, in most cases the answer will be season 4 & 5. And, the reason for this is, those were the only seasons Dean had a story of his own.  He was Michael's Vessel and had broken the first seal as well as being The Righteous Man.

In 'Supernatural', when God left 'the building', the angels became destructive. Ironically, in reality, when Kripke left 'the building', the writers became destructive with Dean's character.  The evidence points to this.  Whilst Kripke was 'in the building', at least we got some Dean myth arc/ story. When he left, consciously or subconsciously, the writing team started to destroy the best character to grace TV Land for a very long time. The truth of the matter is, without Dean's character, Supernatural would not be the same and it surely wouldn't inspire so much emotion in the audience.  Most fans are attached to/ love Dean as the ultimate hero.  Nobody would care enough to watch it for over eight years if he wasn't there and we weren't as loyal as him.  I guess we have that in common with our hero, loyalty despite constant let-downs. 

It feels as though the writers have something against Dean as he is becoming part of the audience in the show where he was supposed to have an equal role in the story. Everytime we watch him cook rather than hunt or do some other important job, the first question that comes to mind is; how could you do this to the fans??? If the writing teams differed on a weekly/seasonal basis, one could argue that surely you guys just don't understand Dean's psyche. However, there is no excuse for the blatant bashing, dumbing down, insulting and diminishing role Dean's character has endured since season 6.

After the fiasco that was season 6 & 7, we were promised season 8 will be amazing and Carver told us that he has a plan. We remained loyal, and will remain loyal to Dean through anything as that is love and we do love him with all our hearts and souls. Season 8 started and it was promising with the purgatory story but then you ruined it by cutting the purgatory story and instead giving Dean the role of cook/housekeeper of MOL bunker, and giving Sam another illness (as if he hasn't had too many already) to make us sympathise with Sam because it was odd that his guilt of not looking for Dean and Kevin was never shown/ implied. Being a chauffeur/cook in MOL bunker is clearly such an important task in the grand scheme of things and something fans have waited for over 8 yrs, right?  If you wanted to show Dean nesting, you should've done it in a more Dean-way by making sure there is also some background story or something else to show why the sudden change in Dean's behaviour, some trigger for it.  Because, we all know he has never been the settling-down type of hunter. 

Its clearly a chore for you to write any story for Dean. Seriously, for the fans, its gotten to the point that anything worthwhile written for Dean would be appreciated. If you guys lack ideas/inspiration, all you need to do is read some Fanfiction. We, fanfic writers come up with all sorts of stuff so it would get you all thinking.  We truly feel the writers don't seem to care for or have given up on the greatest character created for over a decade. So, you could do us all a favour and kill his character. It would be better to watch him die in some epic demon fight at this point than watch him blaming himself for everything that ails Sammy, yet again. We know you would never dare kill Dean because deep down you know that you would lose over half of your viewers overnight. Instead, we want you to listen to our plea.  After all, we know Dean and love him.  And, we love SPN. We only want what is best for the show.

That is the reason, I, on behalf of all dean fans and hardcore SPN fans, urge you writers to think of a Dean story/ mytharc fast because if season 9 has no mytharc for Dean like season 8, then there might be a lot of hate mail in the post for you guys.  And, I am being as respectful as I can when I say all this and I also apologise if I hurt anyone's feelings or offended anyone.  I do hope that you understand that I love the entire team of SPN, Cast and Crew including Writers.  Nevertheless, when family makes mistakes, we are meant to point them out so the mistake can be rectified and that is the purpose of this letter.  You have made a mistake with writing Dean as a passive character for such a long time (since season 6), so fix it and all will be forgiven.  We are not asking for much, just give Dean a mytharc.

I hope and pray to the 'absent' God that you will start treating Dean with the respect that he deserves. If you don't care about anything in this letter and intend to do as you please without taking into account the feelings of Dean fans/ SPN fans who have invested so much time in and given so much of their life to this show, at the least please remember one thing;

By Destroying DEAN WINCHESTER's Legacy, You Are Destroying Millions Of Dreams And Taking Away Our Hero...

Thanks for taking your time out to read this. In turn, we hope you will appreciate our time too.

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