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Write Your Reps to Support Energy Savings and a Green Economy in an Economic Stimulus Package

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The lowest hanging fruit in energy conservation and reduction of greenhouse gases is weatherization of homes. Weatherization projects were a part of Candidate Obama’s plan, and President Elect Barack Obama is talking about an economic stimulus package that would include weatherization and other green economy projects.  

Mr. Obama initially proposed that the funds would come from pollution credits bought by power generators and other carbon emitters.  But passage of a global warming bill would take time. As many economists are saying that a major economic stimulus package is necessary to jump-start the economy, this weatherization program should be started sooner rather than later.   

Weatherization of homes (weather stripping, adding insulation, etc) would create jobs, save home owners money, decrease our dependence on foreign oil and slow the release of greenhouse gases and the rate of climate change. Many states have already started weatherization projects, so there is administrative infrastructure in place  -- and  concensus that these existing programs are working.  

We call on President Elect Obama and Congress to include weatherization projects as a major part of any future stimulus package, to save energy in America’s homes and other buildings, slow the rate of global warming and re-invest in a shrinking workforce.  

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