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Altoid Sours

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Let me tell you. These mints. THESE MINTS.

It is very hard for me to even put into words the experience I received from the juicy, sour, delightful taste of these decadent little drops of joy. It's not a taste. It's an EXPERIENCE.

Imagine you're a child, digging through your mother's purse. You're bored, you're famished, you're tired. AND THEN. You discover, at the very bottom of the bag, as you've almost lost all hope in life, a container.

This little circular, metal container holds the ability to REVIVE a person. You will never live your life until you pop one of those juicy little beauties into your mouth. Now, I shall describe to you the experience one endeavors when he/she consumes such delights.

First, you're hit with the profusion of sour, tangy flavors, as the little powder granules find their way around your tongue, dancing on your taste buds and kissing them, BLESSING them, with their citrus punch. A party in your mouth, if you will. After you're like, "Woah, that's some good shit," you encounter their sweet side. As if to compensate for their tart introduction, the little mints caress your tongue back into a self-satisfied state of pleasure, and leave you craving more. Before you know it, you've consumed the entire container of mints. And you want more.

Not to mention the plethora of flavors. The mango is a tango, the lime is a good time. They're all a blessing to this world.

I cry every night at the departure of Altoid Sours. They were so loved by many, still had so much potential left for the world and so many hearts (and taste buds) left to touch. It has a decade since I last wrapped my tongue around these droplets of joy. And those 10 years have been the worst ones of my life.

If you've never experienced the tangy joy that is Altoid Sours, you have not LIVED. Sure, its competitors, Ice Breaker Sours are popular and not entirely nasty, but these Altoids put those to shame. So get off your ass. Sign this petition and Tweet, Gram, etc. the hashtag #sourpower to BRING BACK SOUR ALTOIDS.

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