Stop the permanent 50mph zone on the A483

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UPDATE: Mobile speed cameras are now parking within the restriction! - More people checking their speed rather than the road, potentially causing more accidents.

Many of you have most likely seen that the 50mph speed restrictions on the A483 are to be made permanent. The restriction was put in place to 'apparently' tackle air pollution on that one section of the A483 which has housing estates either side it. Though has caused hassle and chaos to road users who commute it daily.

Some of the chaos has been put down to certain drivers still driving at 60-70mph, but that is not the only reason this restriction is dangerous and a waste of everyones time;

More Congestion = More Pollution: Slowing cars down from 70mph to 50mph causes huge tail backs at rush hour, which not only ups the risk of rear end collisions but also doubles the amount of cars sat in the area producing emissions of which they are trying to reduce.

Reduced Driver Awareness: A lot of drivers are far more concerned with watching their speed than the actual road a head of them. Since the start of the restriction there's been quite a few accidents. That's not to say there has been more than before but it certainly has not made the road any safer. 

Pollution V Speed: A cars speed does not directly equate to the amount of pollution it outputs. In simple terms the further you're pressing the accelerator pedal the more fuel is being sent to the engine, therefore more emissions.
However depending what gear you are in, traveling at a lower speed your accelerator pedal could be sending the same or even more than cruising at 70mph. It's all dependent on car, gearing and how heavy your foot is.

Hard Acceleration = More Emissions: Another point that makes this restriction a waste of time is that nearly every car that leaves the restriction accelerates hard to get back to 70mph (Who can blame them) causing more emissions than if they had  just steadily cruised through at a constant speed.
Also the area where the hard acceleration happens is right next to a new housing estate, so for arguments sake the pollution has just been moved up to them.

Waiting Times V Emissions: One final overlooked aspect is that the congestion causes cars to be in the area for anywhere between 20-40 seconds depending on traffic.
Here's a rough calculation:
1 Mile @ 50mph = 1m12s
1 Mile @ 70mph = 51s
An extra 21 second travel time in that location at best, feel free to work it out yourself.

Plainly put cars are polluting for longer in that area than before, even if they were causing less emissions (Which is questionable) it would barely make a dent when you add the extra congestion times into the equation.

Cutting Emissions v Using more electricity:

A good point brought up by one of the signatories is that the restriction is to fight emissions/pollution, yet installing speed cameras or average speed cameras use electricity. (Will update with more information on this)

Costa Drive Thru:

As also pointed out by a few others who have signed the petition; Planning permission has been given to build a drive thru Costa Coffee situated right next to the restriction and housing which encourages drivers to keep their cars idling whilst waiting for coffee in an already overly congested area. Which begs the question is money more important than safety and congestion times for commuters.

To wrap up: This scheme might have had good intentions, but in reality it causes more issues than solves and if not for the money the local government and private companies receive for trying to meet these tick box targets to lower emissions, it probably would never have come about.

Trying to make this a permanent speed restriction seems more like a punishment for everyone, and easy money to be made at motorists expense due to some road users who don't follow it. Keeping the restriction causes more distress and risk to road users who travel along it every day, yet doesn't put a big enough dent in lowering emissions for it to be worth while permanently. It would be far more beneficial to plant more trees or plants etc to counteract emissions which is scientifically proven. Better yet introduce more positive schemes like cycle to work benefits throughout Wrexham, or even look into funding proper scientific ways to combat emissions in a green way which I'm sure Glyndwr University or another body would love to be involved in developing such a positive project like 'Algie Scrubbers'

If you feel the same or have your own views against the speed restriction being made permanent, please sign the petition and let's see how many of us can oppose it to take to the council. We have a right to make our voices heard, especially when its about impacting our health and lives on a daily basis.

The bypass was built for fast commuting and lowering the speed negates having it in the first place.



Comments and ideas of how better to tackle this issue than just slowing road users down are welcome below!