WPLG Local 10 owes Star Wars Fans a formal apology

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The photo slide show commentary was uncouth, hurtful and hateful.  These people attended a convention in the good faith that they were surrounded by those who were also fans and who supported each other's efforts in their enjoyment of a science fiction series.  The people in attendance who either knowingly or unknowingly allowed their photos to be taken which is something that convention attendees acknowledge and accept at the time a ticket for such an event is purchased.

However the statements made via this media outlet were done in a manner that has come off to the Star Wars fan base as a direct attack to a person or persons which has been recognized as bullying/cyber bullying. At the start of this petition WPLG was negligent in their attempts at removing the slideshow and properly addressing this issue. Initially the photoset was removed, but then added back to the site under a different url. Later it was again removed but WPLG via their Facebook page decided to bring up the subject asking their viewers and fans to state as to how they felt about this outcry.

A number of defendants to the Star Wars fanbase were banned from their page when they would make statements in defense of themselves and their peers. Removing a comment was not specific to those that included vulgarity or cursing. It came across to many who commented in defense of the fanbase that even if one was cordial, polite and professional standing up for ourselves was not acceptable by this media group.

We are requesting of WPLG a formal and sincere apology. We would also like to see a news segment done with a local 501st Garrison to discuss the charity work that they do through their fanbase and love of the Star Wars universe. There is a discussion to also ask WPLG to make a donation to a local children's hospital in the 501st' name.


"For those who do not know what is going on - this station, or should I say someone who is employed by this station posted 45 pictures from the Star Wars convention that was held in Orlando this past weekend. Attached to those pictures were very rude and insulting captions by the station. For example, there was a picture of a young lady dressed as Obi-wan Kenobi (A male Jedi knight in the films) and she was wearing a fake beard. The station captioned the photo that no one seemed to notice the number of hairy women at the convention. There were over 44 other pictures, all of them making fun of peoples sizes, gender and so on." -El Bradfield  

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