Would you want to see Robert De Niro as Fatih Terim on a movie project ?

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Dear Robert De Niro ; 

As the Pixopat family, we would be pleased to see you as Fatih Terim on a movie project. So whos Fatih Terim ? 

''Fatih Terim joined Galatasaray in 1972 from his native Adana team, after a hard fought battle that his team won against  strong Galatasaray side. His captaincy throughout his playing career at Galatasaray had already made him the favourite Galatasaray player of all time. Fatih Terim, never winning the championship as a player, redeemed himself with four consecutive championships between 1996-2000, a Turkish football record, and added to his already unmistakably legendary status. “The Emperor,” as fans like to call him, coached Galatasaray to its first ever European championship in 2000, with an undefeated record in European Cup competition. After two seasons in Italy with Fiorentina and A.C. Milan, Terim joined Galatasaray once again, much to the joy and support of the fans. Known for his aggresive coaching style and charismatic personality, Fatih Terim is the quintessential footballing legend of Turkey'' (Alıntıdır.) 

Also you can check this video ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tko88TEZWE