Stop Killing Wolves And Their Packs!

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Wolves were once a symbol of freedom, but to others, they are now a symbol of destruction or game. I will not stand for that. We need to work together and stop the killing of so many of these gorgeous animals. The reason people think wolves are overpopulating is because we keep shrinking their territory, therefore they have no where to spread out. We are the cause of this, so maybe "population control" should point the guns at themselves, because isn't it the human race that is overpopulating and destroying the habitats of these animals? If animals are being killed for overpopulating, then why aren't we? Since when are we the only ones who matter? Have we become that selfish to take another's life so we can expand and use up more resources? How about nobody's life is taken and we learn to coexist. And then there's the maniacs who only care about showing off their furs from the poor animals they slaughtered for their own entertainment. Or the people who shoot a wolf for killing their cattle when 1. It's a wolf's natural instinct to hunt and kill. 2. you decided to bring your cattle into wolf infested area in the first place. 3. Even then, there are plenty of ways to keep wolves away from your property. And wolf attacks? Wolves naturally stay away from humans, so if a wolf attacks you, it had a reason. It could have been provoked, harassed, threatened.

Wolves are needed in our ecosystem. For example, without them, the elk, deer, rabbits, and other primary consumers, will overpopulate and eat all the producers. Our ecosystem is one big pyramid and if you take off one piece, the whole thing will come crashing down. I urge you to look up the effects on Yellowstone when wolves were reintroduced. It is truly incredible.

Killing wolves is inhumane. Killing for game is inhumane. When I look at a wolf I feel sadness and guilt, I see hurt and longing. Longing for the freedom they once had. What do you see when you look at a wolf? What do you feel? Let it consume you, so we may unite and stop this ignorance. Sign this petition, save a wolf, save a pack. Stop this violence. Encourage love.

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