Save The Wildlife at Papanack Zoo

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This petition is to inform our community about the extreme maltreatment of animals among the Papanack Zoo. This cruel place gets away with animal torture, mother/baby disattachment, neglectful entertainment involving animals and several casualties. This is not a place of “joy”, “excitement” or “education” for any age big or small. All this business strives for is the endless amount of cash that us people are giving them to simply treat “their” animals like objects. These animals are living creatures. Both big and small or tall and short. Sadly these animals are not living to the basic living standards that they need. These animals need nature, nurture, love, respect, food and water. These animals need a loving home and a proper psychological state. Papanack Zoo is not where these animals are going to find this. Ya people need to make a stand, and care for the animals which walked this planet well before we did.