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Save the Saola!

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The Saola, also known as the Asian Unicorn, is a critically endangered species, found only in the Annamite Mountain range. Resembling a cross between an antelope and goat, this mammal has a dark brown coat and white markings on its face. The saola's most distinguishable feature, however, are its long, straight horns. The horns belong to both males and females, and can grow up to 50 cm tall. The saola stands at about 3 feet tall, 35 inches, from hoof to shoulder, and comes up to the average man's middle, (not including its horns, of course.)

It is called the Asian Unicorn because there is so much we don't know about the saola. It is a relatively new species, and very hard to find. They were discovered in 1992, only 25 years ago, and have rarely been seen alive by scientist, about four times to be exact. The Saola also cannot survive in captivity, and its population size in unknown, (however, it is indefinitely declining.)

Saola are frequently killed by snares and traps set up in the mountains. They are also dying out because of their loss of habitat. Trees are being cut down, and the Saola are being pushed into smaller and smaller spaces, making them more exposed. With the signing of this petition, you help bring this matter closer to those who can help. There's so much more we can learn from these creatures, what a shame it would be if they all disappeared so fast.

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