Rehabilitation of Amazon Rainforest

Rehabilitation of Amazon Rainforest

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Mary Rose De Guzman started this petition to World Wildlife Fund and

The Amazon rainforest has been providing us about 20% of the worlds supply of oxygen and helps to absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide.

As recent event, the great Amazon rainforest was caught in such a huge fire while fighting deforestation. Leaving a large part of the Amazon burned into ashes.

Amazon rainforest is home for different kind of animal species. And the lungs of the Earth, our home planet.

Please sign this petition to help Amazon Rainforest to undergo rehabilitations and protect it from deforestation.

Once the fire is over. There should be a reforestation on the parts of Amazon that has been burned.

Re-growing of Trees by planning a world wide tree planting event.

Also, not only the Amazon Rainforest should be the only one to be rehabilitate but also other forest that experiencing deforestation. 

Together, we stand to save the Amazon, we stand to save the Earth.

Lets help our Mother Nature to fight deforestation, not only the Amazon Rainforest but protect also our nature as we fight against Climate Change and Global Warming.

The future is in our hands.

#SavetheAmazon #SavetheEarth

9,776 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!