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Have the Canadian Government Fund WWF's Efforts to Help the Borneo Pygmy Elephant

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      Click Here For White Tiger Petition. Click Here For Cheetah Petition. We are three students in Grade 6 who want to ask the Canadian government to fund WWF's conservation work for the Borneo Pygmy Elephants. We want to support them and help them recover from the brink of extinction. The Borneo Pygmy Elephant is a small Asian elephant and there are only around 1,500 Borneo Pygmy Elephants left in the world, yet there still aren’t any greatly enforced laws to help protect the Borneo Pygmy Elephant population. They are endangered because of the hunting for their ivory tusks, and also a massive loss of habitat/deforestation. The Borneo Pygmy Elephants also need to be near rivers to maintain their health because they require mineral salts and water.

Our goal is to reach 7,500 signatures so we can get this petition in front of multiple wildlife saving organizations who could make a big change in the number of Borneo Pygmy Elephants in the world. Their habitat, Borneo, managed to prevent poaching for a few years because of the inconvenience of getting to a island just to poach a new type of elephant. Unfortunately, because of the recent incline in the demand for ivory, the Borneo Elephant is being hunted to extinction, along with their cousins, the African Elephants. These adorable elephants have been forced out of the protection of the tropical rain-forests of Borneo because of logging and their loss of habitat. We want to help them and we hope you can support them too by signing this petition!