Help Raise Awareness on the Endangered Peary Caribou

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The Peary Caribou is currently a threatened species in Canada and the population is continuing to decrease. They are the smallest caribou in Canada and are found in the Arctic Islands of Canada. 

Numbers have declined by about 72 percent in the last 60 years, where the species encountered a catastrophic decline in the mid-1990s related to severe icing events.

WWF is working on raising awareness on this threatened species mainly by ensuring that the species has the habitat it requires, to breed and escape wolf predation. The organization is monitoring their population status to understand the effects of industrial development on caribou. Instead, they should already be taking action and disrupting the development, to ensure the species have their habitat.

If they go extinct, it is unlikely for any other species to replace the Peary caribou's role in the ecological niche.

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