Ban on Sea World across the World

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I want Sea World's to be shut down all across the world as they are not letting the animals be in there natural places..

The animals like us don't like a caged environment. Also, the tank would not be enough for them. If god gave them their natural environment to them so why are we not letting them be where they belong..? Just for OUR Entertainment purposes we are destroying their entire lives... I have searched a lot about Sea World and I got to know that if they do not do any act they are beaten and not given any food. This is not humanity, I suppose...

I know many of us have read or heard the heartbreaking story of Hugo & Lolita. The orca's which committed suicide because of no shelter ,loneliness and repeated torture on themselves at Miami seaquarium. Not only these two orca's but in each Sea World, animals are tortured...

We are not someone to give them instructions,stand on top of them,doing various types of stunts on them or making them captive. They should also live like an independent animal not like prisoners in a jail. I request all of you to sign this petition to ban Sea Worlds all across the World and make the World a better place for animals too..