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Yum Brands Restaurants is the LARGEST RESTAURANT CORP in the WORLD. Taco Bell is one of their brands. Jason Ray smith worked for Taco Bell, Stockwell Rd. Bossier City, Louisiana. He was threatened, harassed, & bullied by a fellow employee in front of Mgt. He was told he needed to be taken out to the corn field and have the gay beaten out of him. When he reported it; he was harassed and intimidated by Taco Bell Mgt, District Manager at that. Connecting Rainbows called for a World Wide Boycott of Yum Brand Restaurants. They responded & fired Jason Ray Smith and told him he had to take down his Facebook and Connecting Rainbows pages before he could return to work. Lambda Legal is investigating the incident, but our efforts augment their investigation. We are asking that Yum Brand Restaurants apologize to Jason and the LGBT community and all of them stop discriminating against LGBT employees & provide diversity training on sexual orientation and gender identity for all Yum Brand Restaurant employess WORLD WIDE. That's what this petition is for. Connecting Rainbows Across America has called a WORLD WIDE BOYCOTT of all YUM BRAND RESTAURANTS: Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, A&W and others. They are trying to acquire a restaurant chain in China. We want to prevent another Matthew Sheppard type act. Please kindly sign our petition. Your sincere consideration is greatly a ppreciated. Thanks Louisiana Group  Connecting Rainbows Across America State Organizer, Grady Duke PS: PLEASE SEE COMMET IN COMMENT SECTION BELOW FOR RESPONSE FROM YUM BRANDS RESTAURANTS. THIS ADDED IN ALL FAIRNESS.

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Jason Ray Smith was threatened by a fellow employee at Taco Bell, Stockwell Rd., Bossier City Louisiana in front of Mgt. He was told he needed to be taken out to the corn field and have the gay beaten out of him. When Jason Ray Smith reported it to the Bossier Parish Police Dept.they didn't press any charges, but Jason Ray Smith insisted a Police Report be made. There is a report on file: Bossier Parish, Bossier City, Louisiana. He was then harassed, intimidated, & discriminated against by the District Manager. He was told he had to shut down his Face Book page and his Connecting Rainbows Across America Page. His rights were absolutely violated. He was banned from Taco Bell Restaurant and all other employees were told to have no contact with him. He was eventually fired, he was told. As of this date, no reason has been given to him; if it has, it is trumped up. Jason Ray Smith was in the Management Training Program looking for a promotion; he was demoted before he was fired. We are asking you Yum Brand Restaurants to apologize to Jason Ray Smith and the LGBT community and provide diversity training to all Yum Brand Restaurants World Wide since you are the LARGEST RESTAURANT CORPORATION IN THE WORLD. We expect LGBT employees to be treated with respect and equal in the work place. If Yum Brand Restaurants intends to continue to be the largest restaurant corporation you must take the lead in providing a safe place to work without any discrimination or bullying due to any reason; this case sexual orientation. We will continue to call for the WORLD WIDE BOYCOTT of YUM BRAND RESTAURANTS until your corporation complies with our request. This does not include any legal action Jason Ray Smith may bring upon Yum Brand Restaurants. Thank you for your serious sincere consideration of our request. Yours truly Connecting Rainbows Across America Louisiana Group. Grady Duke; State Organizer. PS: PLEASE SEE YUM BRANDS RESPONSE IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW. POSTED IN ALL FAIRNESS.

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