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Petitioning World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)

Stop horrific animal cruelty happening under your watch!


The international body responsible for setting and improving worldwide animal welfare standards, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), is failing in its mission to protect animals from shocking cruelty. With new evidence recently emerging and the OIE soon meeting, animals need your voice now to call for much needed action.

Only a few weeks ago the live export ship Gracia del Mar suffered mechanical failure at sea, leading to the deaths of thousands of cattle en route from Brazil to Egypt. Despite the desperate situation, Egypt, a signatory to the OIE disregarded its international obligations and refused to allow the ship to unload while animals continued to suffer and die on board. The OIE also failed these animals by neglecting to intervene. It was only several weeks after the surviving cattle were finally unloaded in Djibouti, in eastern Africa, that the OIE released a public statement about the tragedy.

But sadly that is not the end of the story...

Animals Australia has received new footage of cattle being brutally slaughtered in Egypt -- the original destination of Gracia del Mar -- and other OIE member countries. The footage, which exposed tendon slashing and prolonged painful slaughter is too graphic to post on our website. The footage involves animals from Egypt, Turkey and Africa.

In these shocking images not even the most basic international slaughter guidelines are adhered to. Previous Animals Australia investigations have also consistently exposed breaches within other countries that are OIE signatories such as Indonesia -- resulting in slow and painful deaths of animals exported live from Australia. A compilation of evidence revealing breaches of standards will be provided to the OIE by our international colleagues, Compassion in World Farming.

Delegates from 178 countries will be gathering in Paris for the 80th General Session of the World Assembly of the OIE this week. Right now, we have an important opportunity to send an urgent message to the OIE Secretariat that it must do more to ensure that OIE member countries uphold their obligation to treat animals humanely.

Please join us in calling on the OIE to use their position to prevent such horrific animal abuse from continuing under their watch.

Letter to
World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)
I am writing to express my concern at the OIE's inadequate action to ensure its own transport and slaughter standards are upheld. One of the most recent examples being the incident in which thousands of cattle died on board the Gracia del Mar, off the coast of Egypt.
The OIE's own guidelines place responsibility with your organisation to act in such situations to mediate a solution and ensure that animals are protected. Yet your organisation's only visible action was to issue a press statement a month after the incident. This is grossly inadequate.
The OIE is charged with an important responsibility to lift animal welfare standards worldwide. I urge you to fulfil this responsibility and take effective action to ensure your own transport and slaughter standards are met by signatory countries, and to proactively work to improve animal welfare standards beyond these minimum guidelines.