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World Health Organization (WHO): Take action on Lyme and Associated Tick-Borne Diseases!

Tick-Borne Diseases [TBDs] are a hidden epidemic despite the fact that cases have been documented in just about every part of the world. TBDs are often misdiagnosed. Untreated, TBDs get chronic and disabling. TBDs have no boundaries, affecting everyone regardless of race and class distinctions and are suffering from a lack of political goodwill. TBDs are spreading rapidly, and if something is not done, the global epidemic will increase.

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Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, confirms that there is a significant underreporting of Lyme disease (one of several TBDs), arguing that the actual disease rate may be 2.4 million, 10 times higher than the 240 000 cases currently reported in the United States. This may lead one to wonder how the figures elsewhere in the world look like...

"Lyme disease is the most common bacterial disease in Africa, but it is also a disease that is completely unknown to health professionals." French Institute of Research and Development (the IRD)

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