Revise COVID-19 Guidelines to Accurately Reflect Recovery Periods

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The 360 people shown above are just some of the many worldwide, who while not classified as "serious" COVID-19 cases, are struggling daily with debilitating symptoms from the virus for more than 5 to 10+ weeks. 

With more patients around the world reporting a wide variety of symptoms with growing complications, this lengthy recovery time in thousands of people of all ages with no or few underlying health conditions will have a large impact on health care and workforces if not acknowledged. 

Guidelines communicated by the WHO, CDC, and NHS state that "mild" COVID-19 symptoms typically resolve within 2 weeks, with more severe cases resolving in 6 weeks. This is proving to not be the case, and this commonly referred to information is the basis for doubt and confusion among the medical professionals caring for individuals. The result leaves these Covid-19 sufferers vulnerable from a medical, employment and social perspective

The website at contains the growing number of articles showcasing longer recovery times and complications among mild-to-moderate symptom sufferers. 

We ask that the WHO, CDC, NHS, and other health organizations revise the recovery guidelines to reflect a more accurate recovery time to ensure patients are receiving the appropriate care, attention, and respect during their difficult road to recovery.