Join Jason Wood to STOP the wildlife wet markets!

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Voice your support to close ‘wildlife wet markets' to prevent future pandemics.

If we want to prevent another pandemic, it’s urgent we start eliminating those circumstances right now. Wildlife wet markets must be closed around the world as they are often the cause of pandemics and are a barbaric way of treating wildlife.

This is not the first time that infectious diseases have been linked to wild animals in recent years. Between 2002 and 2003, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), inflicted by a coronavirus was also believed to have emerged from wildlife markets in China. 

The WHO acknowledges the risks of continuing these markets as they were the starting point for SARS and most likely the starting point for COVID-19.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has shown great leadership to call on the WHO to halt exotic meat trade - otherwise known as the wildlife wet markets.

Unfortunately, this is not a bipartisan approach. 

When I called for an end to these wildlife markets, rather than supporting me, Labor Shadow Immigration Spokesperson Andrew Giles and Labor MP for Macnamara, Josh Burns said I was race-baiting.

This is not an issue of race, this is about wildlife wet markets. Staying silent on this issue only allows animal cruelty to continue.

Over several years, I have campaigned constantly regarding animal welfare issues such as live animal export, cosmetic testing, and the importation of elephant ivory, rhino horn and lion trophies. Now I'm asking if you will join the fight to stop wildlife wet markets. Sign now!

Sign this petition if you agree that wildlife wet markets should be closed.