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Stop keeping our souls in hell! Stop killing dogs in Romania! We claim our right to a normal and peaceful life!

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We are the voice of animal lovers in Romania and animal supporters all over the world! Please step in without delay and require the Romanian authorities to abide by our Human Rights and cancel the infamous law that allows mass euthanasia of stray dogs! The enforcement of this law started an unconceivable slaughter in Romania that strongly and painfully affects us, those who are not indifferent to this issue, unacceptably impacting our lives at several levels:
1. At an emotional level, we are being destroyed and struck on a daily basis by the abuse of the authorities. We are thus obliged to suffer a permanent mourning-like day-to-day life that is imposed on us by the massacre by the thousands of those innocent beings.
2. Permanent suffering and a feeling of helplessness when it comes to sufficiently come to their aid have already affected the health of many of us: we deal with it by taking medical drugs, fighting depression or struggling on the verge of depression, and those among us with an impaired state of health have being experiencing severe worsening of their conditions.
3. We are affected financially much to an unbearable extent as we struggle inconceivably hard to save as many of these animals as possible by adopting and keeping them in private shelters, which leads to enormous costs.
4. Our spare time is zero, some of us have taken up a second job to be able to incur said dog care expenses. We also spend our spare time visiting the shelters, supplying food to the animals, paying visits to the veterinary clinic, participating in street protests, advocating adoption, drafting legal documentation, and promoting dogs for adoption etc.
5. Our relaxation time has been so drastically reduced as our health is at risk both due to the aforementioned reasons, and the worries that have accrued and led to insomnia and anguish.
6. Our ability to work has been severely affected due to multiple causes: lack of rest, impaired physical state, worries, daily stress and health issues.
7. Our status at our workplaces has become threatened as the adoption process has been purposefully organized in such a manner as to systematically prevent adoption. Each time we wish to adopt a dog, we must be absent from work. Our reduced work capacity also contributes to impacting our professional lives.
8. Our social standing has been impaired by the fierce campaign against us which results in a general mentality that we are pariah, fools or crooks.
9. Our personal relationships have been affected, mostly in two ways:
a) couples and families have problems due to the fact that all financial, time and emotional resources are invested in rescuing these animals
b) constant hatred discussions come up among those struggling to protect these beings and those who support their mass murder.

In conclusion, the law allowing for stray dog euthanasia deeply and unacceptably affects us, animal lovers. We represent at least 10% of the population. Our entire life has been subject to unqualified terror and we cannot accept that this situation continues. Please step in and request the Romanian authorities to cancel or amend the law, forbid young and healthy dog euthanasia and find a SOLUTION THAT AFFECTS NO SOCIAL CATEGORY! We are equally entitled to health and rest, enjoying the fruit of our lives and a normal, balanced and tranquil existence!


Thank you! We need your help without delay!

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