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World Health Organisation: Standard Practice for Vulva Exams when Ladies have their first Smear/Pap test!

If I had been educated on the signs and symptoms of Vulval Cancer I would never have had to have the extensive and disfiguring surgery I had.

Please tell the Doctors we ALL need  to know about and be checked for Vulva Cancer! We need to be shown how to check ourselves!  We need to be Eduated and Aware of Vulva Cancer!   Please tell the Doctors WE have the right to be Educated and Aware of Vulva Cancer and checked for it.   There needs to be Screening in place for Vulval Cancer, we are not living in the Victorian age this is 2013 and no cancer should have a stigma like Vulva Cancer has!  Ladies have a right to be warned about Vulval Cancer which if picked up early has an excellent prognosis and will also prevent Ladies having extensive surgery, but if it is not picked in the early stages it will continue to result in loss of life! 

Cost does not even come into this as Screening for Vulval Cancer would consist of a simple examination of the Vulva and can be carried in a few minutes by a Health Professional and this can only help raise the awareness of Vulval cancer and also help get rid of the stigma for this Cancer.   Early Detection is the Best Protection... This cannot happen until it is enforced and we are ALL aware! .

If all Health Professionals were aware of this rare cancer which they should be, this would not be happening, as most Vulval Cancers are in fact misdiagnosed due to the lack of knowledge by the Health Professionals and Ladies not being made aware.

Please, Please make yourself aware of the early signs and symptoms, Vulval Cancer if caught in the early stages has an excellent prognosis. All females need to know and everyone has females in their lives so please pass this poster and the VSE (Vulval Self Examination) leaflet on to them so they will be aware and will never find themselves in the same position I did and the 30,000 Ladies who are diagnosed with this every year world wide. If you would like me to print you a VSE off I will be happy to do so and post it to you so please inbox me your details. I am one of the lucky ones, sadly many do not it make it through this cancer which is due to the ignorance of so many Health Professionals as they continue to fail to give us the correct diagnosis in those vitally important early days. 

Awareness, Really does Save Lives, so Please, Please Pass it on and start to help save lives. Please could I ask if you have a moment to spare to sign the petition which will be sent to the WHO (World Health Organisation) which I am hoping they will make it Standard Practice that ALL Ladies are Screened for Vulval Cancer when they go for their Smear/Pap and should be shown how to do a VSE and then come away with the knowledge this simple exam may well save their life! 

Early Detection is the Best Protection! 

 “There has been a significant increase in rates of vulval cancer in younger women. The proportion of cases diagnosed under the age of 50 rose from just under 7% in the mid 1970s to 14% in 2006-2008. A similar trend has been documented in other countries,  and has been linked to increasing incidence of vulval intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN) in young women caused by infection with HPV”.

The up to date statistics for 2010-2012 are not yet available.

Currently there is no screening for Ladies as such for vulval cancer and by doing a simple self check/exam such as this will help Ladies to pick up any changes on their vulva at an early stage, as well as other vulval conditions that may need treatment.  

We feel until a vulva check/exam is in place as Standard Practice more lives will be sadly lost and the extensive surgery will continue to be carried out on Ladies, and the possibility of early diagnosis will continue to be missed.

It is also important that Ladies are made aware that vulval cancer when picked up in the early stages has an excellent prognosis. 

Ladies are more likely to survive vulval cancer if it is found at an early stage. The only way this can be achieved is that all Ladies are made aware and educated about this disease and all Health Professionals are made aware of all the early signs and symptoms




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