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Recently, Strict orders have been issued by Some Chinese local authorities ,Ordering killing of All stray animals and pets appearing in the common area for over Fears of Coronavirus. 

Although the World Health Organization and China's authoritative media have all confirmed and published ~At present, there is no evidence that companion animals/pets such as dogs, cats can be infected with the virus!and medical experts in China also speaking out.

At the same time, The general public also through the "mayor's hotline", hoping that the local authorities will Withdraw the killing orders!
But looks like these decision-making departments have no any intention to change their mind! The Request was aborted !

Some law enforcement officials were totally ignore the "property law" and use extreme methods ( burying alive ) to even killed pets owned by the people. This has caused irreparable harm and panic to most pet owners! 

These unscientific misleading + killing not only caused unnecessary panic among the general public, Leading to large-scale abandonment of pets!
Their misled also resulted Tragedies have been happened! Some pet owners are afraid of being infected, They throw out their pets of the window from the high-rise building! The poor pet/Dogs and cats have die on the spot! Also smashed a nearby private car! 

Companion animals did not contribute to the outbreak of SARS in 2003. They do not have anything to do with this Wuhan epidemic. These unnecessary killing orders could undermine the national effort to curb the outbreak by 'pulling much needed efforts and resources away from the real battleground'!

A large number of abandoned pets will cause great public health risks! More likely to trigger public health incidents again!!

The Cities that have been issued "killing orders “ and will not withdrawn are ——-

* China, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province,
* China, Hongjiang City, Hunan Province,

Therefore today, We ask you to please add your voice in calling on the Chinese government to
* Help stop the misinformation of a few local communities in their approach to dealing with companion animals”.  
* Stop killing the stray animals and Withdraw All the killing orders ! (Particular The 2 listed local authorities above —Lishui City, Hongjiang City )

We urgently hope that this petition will Help to stop All these unnecessary and unscientific killing!