Close All Wildlife Trading Markets Globally

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The COVID-19 pandemic is thought to have emerged from a wet market for wildlife in Wuhan, China. If so this cruel and dangerous trade is culpable for millions getting sick and dying, workers losing their jobs and businesses going broke.

Wildlife trading is not acceptable under any circumstances in any country. Not only is trading in wildlife potentially life threatening, the trade is contributing to the loss of endangered species. It is inhumane. In Africa we know of the decimation of rhinos, elephants and tigers. This type of wildlife trading is perpetuated by international criminals.

Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand are believed to be major routes in the animal smuggling trade. They are used to transport exotic pets, particularly snakes and fresh water turtles and are suppliers for the traditional Chinese medicine market. These animals are frequently sold alive in local food markets throughout Asia.

We demand the immediate and permanent closure of all wildlife animal trading and markets in East Asia, Africa and elsewhere. We ask animal welfare organisations and the World Health Organisation to call out and shame into action those nations that ignore this imperative.