Petition to Stop Dolphin Slaughtering in Japan

Petition to Stop Dolphin Slaughtering in Japan

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     Dolphins are marine mammals that is considered as one of the most playful and intelligent animals on our planet. Sadly, there is a dolphin drive hunt that exists in Japan. In the small village of Taiji, hundreds of dolphins are gathered in a shore to be killed for their meat or captured for sale to dolphinariums. The dolphins were slaughtered in a horrific and brutal way, by hitting them with a metal pin in their neck causing them to die in just a few seconds. The Japanese people do this annually as a part of their traditional festivals, and even their government supports this event.

     In the year 2017-2018, the quota for the drive fishery in Taiji was 2,047 dolphins from nine species. There were a total of 614 dolphins, composing five (5) types, that was slaughtered in Taiji: 158 Risso’s dolphins, 32 pilot whales, 4 rough-toothed dolphins, 136 melon-headed Whales, and 284 striped Dolphins. On the other hand, there were a total of 106 dolphins, composing seven (7) types, that was captured: 25 bottlenose dolphins, 21 Risso’s dolphins, 3 pilot whales, 24 rough-toothed dolphins, 8 melon-headed whales, 4 striped dolphins, and 21 Pacific White-sided Dolphins. 

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• The dolphins will become endangered due to the loss of many lives.

• Their economy rate will decrease as the tourism also decreases because of the slaughtering of dolphins instead of featuring it as a tourist attraction. 

• The people who continuously doing this method will receive criticisms from the people around the world.

     The philosophical view applied in this issue is the environmental ethics which deals with environmental issues, including animals. This ethical view emphasizes the preservation of the environment that would be beneficial for humans, and would continue to provide for the present and future generations. God has entrusted us with planet He made, and that gives us the responsibility to safeguard and take care of it.   


• A lot of people will enjoy watching dolphins as tourist attractions.

• A large number dolphins will help in preserving oceans.

• People will be safe in swimming on oceans as these dolphins protect humans from shark attacks. 

     Stop dolphin slaughtering as they also have purposes in the marine life. Slaughtering dolphins would destroy the natural balance in the food chain. It could also have negative effects on other wildlife and the health of the ocean environment. Stop these horrific activities and start making a move to preserve the environment. 

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