Lockdown Says it all - Suspend the Cruel Zoo Culture !

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Recently the never ending lockdown that is going mostly all around the world has taught us how hard and uncomforting it is to stay in a limited boundary space. Its just soo boring and it feels like like our life has paused. But for us we know that this is just a temporary thing. And everything will be resumed and we'll back to our everyday happy routines.

But just think what if this lockdown thing was amended for our whole life rather than a temporary pause. How hard it would be to suffer every single day of our life within the same restricted boundaries.

So just how hard and painful it would be for all animals in the Zoo to pass their whole life just within the small, depressing cage they are been kept into. They are been kept under lockdown for their whole life and its not at because of any of their fault unlike in ours it us the humans who responsible for the cause. But they are been caged just because of our greed. 

The zoo culture is a very wrong and crucial thing going on from too long before, but this has to end now and we people need to understand the things the innocent animals are going through just for our sake of happiness and joy.

Nothing more to say but I too feel like the mother nature has intended this apocalypse like thing on us so that we understand the harm we out causing to the nature and understand our mistakes.