Approval of Animal Rights in Kenya

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Over the years our animals have gone through a ton of harassment from their so called owners as they are treated more like objects than actual lifeforms. This sort of treatment has led to animals being abused constantly and being neglected due to their behavioural patterns not being regarded as acceptable by their masters. This sort of behaviour isn’t limited to domestic animals but our wildlife too. We are so out of touch with reality that we view animals as just a resource that can be replaced. What we fail to understand is our actions which are primarily fuelled by greed have led to the decimation of most species on the planet, be it discovered or undiscovered.

We as members of the environmental community have a simple goal.. We value all lives equally, be it flora or fauna. We aim to create an environment that allows all lifeforms to live peacefully and coexist in harmony. We aim to do this by fighting for all animal rights and educating the populace on the benefits of environmental conservation.