Save Lucy the elephant from the torturing cold!

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Elephants need other elephants and especially warm, fitting for them climate to survive. Lucy the elephant is being held in Canada, a very cold place to be and she is not being held in a warm place there, she is being held outside, in the very cold snow!

This is very cruel and unacceptable. No animal should be tortured like that. And elephants are too precious animals to be tortured in the cold. This should be illegal. If they keep her all alone, freezing in the cold winds of Canada she might die because elephants are not made to live in cold locations especially if there’s also snow. Elephants belong in a warm environment like Africa, Cambodia for example, India or other warm locations in Asia preferably. They are not even keeping her in a warm zoo. They are just leaving her outside 24/7 in the cold! You probably wouldn’t want that to happen to your own animal. You wouldn’t just let it freeze to death in the snow. And you most probably wouldn’t want that to happen to you. So where ist the difference? Think about this poor thing that is just kept there to die. Free her from her torture. Make a difference. 

This may seem not much but you can sign this petition and be a part of a movement that is trying to help a living creature. Help Lucy to survive the cold!!! Help Lucy to get home where she belongs!!!