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"By 2020, 67% of the animals will have been annihilated. In the next 50 years, 7 out of 10 live animals on earth will have been annihilated".  Humans are the only major responsible for the destruction of the planet Earth and all that lives in it. For many years, animals have helped us to survive and achieve a balance between species. But humans do not respect animal life, not really. If we exist it is because of them, and if they exist is because of us. We must stop the killing of those beings who do not have a voice to say ENOUGH. Animals who also have families and homes. Animals that come into the world without a father or a mother. Animals that are separated from their families from very small. Animals that feel and have feelings. Animals who struggle daily to survive. Animals who struggle to get ahead. Animals who work hard during the day or night to have something to eat. Animals that travel far to find a home. Animals looking for love. You feel identified? The animals live a life quite similar to ours. The only difference is that they can not speak. Do not stay silent. Speak for them. Speak for your pet who has been lucky enough to find a home with people who protect him. There are many more animals that live outside and have no one to defend them. SPEAK FOR THEM. OUR VOICES ARE THEIR HOME!

Together we must succeed in creating a law that protects animals. A law that applies worldwide, since this problem extends to all countries. With the help of all organizations dedicated to protecting and saving animals around the world, we must draw the attention of governments to do something about it. A law that protects animals must exist. The animals also deserve justice. 

Remember, humans need animals to exist. There are many species of animals that we do not know, but who are waiting for us to give them the protection of a home. Our voices are their home. We have a duty to teach other people to respect the life of every living being. Together we can save many. IF YOU LOVE YOUR PET, YOU LOVE ALL.

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