Free the bear which is forced to pose/perform on TikTok with Alla Bruletova

Free the bear which is forced to pose/perform on TikTok with Alla Bruletova

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Started by Lissy Brookes

There are videos circulating of a brown bear which is performing with an "influencer/model" by the handle @abruletova on TikTok. Whilst we do not know what this bear has gone through in order to be tame, it is not hard to guess. Bears are wild animals and are not simply born to be recorded and used as a prop for a young girl to get a few likes and boost her career. I will enlighten you as to what normally happens when a bear is forced to become tame and "perform:"

"Following the capture of a cub or cubs in the wild, during which the mother is likely to be killed, the young animals are commonly prepared for training by having their claws trimmed or removed and a number of their teeth removed.  A ring is then inserted into the bear’s nose and a muzzle placed on the snout.  Training and subsequent manipulation is carried out through the infliction of pain using a staff attached to a rope which is in turn attached to the nose ring.

Typically bears would be taught to dance by placing them onto platforms of metal above large piles of burning logs.  As the metal became hot the bears would be forced onto their hind legs by the use of the pole and nose ring and would then begin lifting each paw in turn to relieve them from the heat. As the process continued a drum or other music was played which, over a number of weeks and months, the bear came to associate with the pain in its feet.  Subsequently whenever the bear heard the drum or music it would begin to “dance”." -

If, like me, these videos have broken your heart and you wish to see the bear safe and well and out of the hands of these monsters, please sign the petition. Whilst I doubt that this poor bear will ever be able to return to a "normal" life, I just want to know he/she is safe and well and no longer being put through acts of torture. 

For everyone who signs - thank you so much. And if this fails, at least I know that we tried to get a better life for this bear. 

622 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!