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We Need to Ban Safaris & The Killing of Our Wildlife!

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Within 50 years, much of the wildlife in this world will be gone.  Take a look at all of the pesticides and chemicals being produced and sold by companies like Monsanto, that are not only killing the bees, butterflies and pollinators that we rely on, but that are slowly killing US!  Now look at all of the safaris being conducted around the world...  This big game killing spree is killing tigers, lions, rhinos, elephants, etc.  By the time that your children and grandchildren are old enough to participate in this world, they will only be able to read about these animals.  When is the last time that you saw a butterfly in your back yard?  When you drive at night, remember the good old days when your windshield would be covered in dead bugs.... now there aren't enough bugs at night to even mess up your car.  We need to put a stop to the decimation of this planet!  When is it enough??  When will the killing stop!  Help protect what precious life we still have on Planet Earth!!

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