Working families need real healthcare reform, now

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As you must be aware of by now, low to middle income families need access to affordable health coverage whether provided by their employers or a public option. Neither option should be funded by a tax on health benefits.  If insurance companies have their way, America's working families will suffer. In order to hold these companies accountable, the health care reform bill must contain strong regulations and consumer protections.  You have my full support in addressing these critical issues before legislation is sent to the White House for a final signature.  And, stop Stupac Amendment, and any variations there of.   As well, no trigger, because triggers don't get pulled, no co-ops, or hammer; also must include anti-trust provisions.  Also, please, advocate for singlepayer healthcare, with Community First Choice Option and CLASS Act (Community Choice Act for the handicapped, elderly, autistic, disabled, etc.); H.R. 3200 & S. 703, with Senate Amendment 2837.