Work From Home for the Private Sector because of COVID-19 in Punjab

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As the coronavirus spreads around the world, public-health experts are encouraging people to engage in social distancing: The limiting of non-essential gatherings. And thanks to technology, many professionals can now work from anywhere with a laptop and a high-speed internet connection.

Yet some employees are finding themselves flummoxed by bosses who insist on working together in a shared office space. If you’re in this position and trying to figure out how to broach the topic with your manager, consider this petition from a few employees who have told their bosses gently and effectively that gathering in the office is, well, non-essential.

I am increasingly concerned about the coronavirus medical issues. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I feel like I’m taking a risk with increased potential exposure to the virus in my company. I would like to start working remotely.

I realize the IT sector has not yet made a decision on this but I hope this is something you would consider accommodating given the circumstance.

Happy to talk this through with you.

Thank you