Stop The Lea Castle Farm Quarry

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We object to the creation of a sand and gravel quarry at Lea Castle Farm, Kidderminster – situated alongside the A449 (Wolverhampton Road) and B4189 (Wolverley Road). due to impact on air quality, traffic congestion, noise, impact on historic environment, loss of valuable agricultural land and significant landscape impact. 

The local area is surrounded by beautiful countryside which is our duty to protect and maintain, not only providing us with a sense of well-being it is also home to various critters. A quarry like the one posed can cause displacement of the local habitats as well as having long term consequences within the surrounding area.

Public Health concerns are a huge factor when it comes to our objections. Added dust in the air which contains particles harmful to our families lungs and can lead to long term health issues, an increase in traffic from the heavy lorries coming in and out of the site is not just adding to the pollution but poses a serious risk to pedestrians and commuters.