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Stop Cheese Sandwich Lunch Policy

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We the residents of Woonsocket want the cheese sandwich lunch policy in our schools to stop. It only hurts the student(s) but it is their guardians' responsibility. These are only some of the things that happen to student(s) who receive a cheese sandwich

  1. Embarrassing
  2. School maybe the only place the child(ren) gets a decent meal
  3. Don't punish a child for parents not paying
  4. Statistics from the universal breakfast have found students perform better when they are well fed.
  5. To avoid embarrassment a child may not eat at all
  6. It's cold, dry, & gross tasting
  7. Only affects child(ren) whose parents have to pay some or all out of pocket
  8. After selecting a lunch the child(ren) can be stunned by only getting a cheese sandwich
  9. Food the child(ren) could of eaten is now wasted
  10. It causes children mental harm, which causes them to act out and probably get in trouble.
  11. Child could be bullied, teased, harassed, etc by other students
  12. Child is still charged for a hot lunch on their accounts
  13. Balances owed prevent them getting a high school diploma


Instead, we would like the student(s) to receive the same meal as every other student.
And here are some suggestions for collecting the money

  • Contact guardian by e-mail, certified letter, phone call.
  • Home visit to see what is going on
  • Have lunch debt donation box, where people can donate $$ to students accounts
  • If necessary send it to collection agency.
  • universal lunch 


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