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Create Pet Insurance Hold when moving abroad

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Woolworths Pet Insurance does not currently allow you to put your policy on hold if you are temporarily relocating overseas.

To keep your policy current and in tact, they require that you continue to pay the full premium in its entirety, with no exceptions.

The only other option you have is to cancel your policy. However, doing this means that when you move back to Australia, and re insure with Woolworths, you are treated as a new customer. Your returning loyalty is rewarded with all of your pets prior vet visits being deemed as "preexisting" and not covered.

We urge Woolworths, as a market leader who's name is synonymous with Australian family values to reassess their current guidelines.

Most customers will happily pay a reduced rate to keep their policies valid whilst they're living abroad, but eventually planning to return to Australia.

By Implementing this type of policy Woolworths will be assuring their customers the peace of mind that upon their return, their lovable pets will be afforded the care and insurance they require when ever they need it.

Other than this one simple criticism, Woolworths Pet Insurance is fantastic. I'd hate to return in 12 months and have to find a new fund simply because I was forced to cancel...

If it's good enough for AHM to put a hold on my own personal health insurance while I'm overseas, why can't our furry friends be afforded the same right?

Come on Woolworths - amend your rules, allow a hold, be an industry leader and put your paw up for all the jet-setting pets out there.

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